Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pregnant Belly Painting Art

Nothing is more beautiful than a big, pregnant belly. Sure, it's not so easy to get around -- but why not have some fun while you're waiting for the big day?

Whether it's for Halloween or Easter -- or just for fun -- belly painting is catching on! Here's how you can do it, and a collection of cool ideas for this way to make a unique memory of your pregnancy.

Belly painting and henna "tattooing" is an artsy new way to celebrate a pregnancy and energize the unborn child. Here is an interesting collection.

Cute! :)

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  1. Make sure not to use so called "non-toxic" craft paints! These are not meant to be used on the skin, and will cause rashes and blisters. That non-toxic means you can eat it, and it won't kill you! Instead, use items meant for the skin, either face paints or make-up.
    See more photos of pregnant belly painting at

    - Lilly Walters
    Face Painter in Claremont, California and Pregnant Belly Painter