Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Bought a Brick for $ 2000

It seems that the crisis and spoke about the large U.S. electronics chain stores, but not in the sense in what you think. No, the sale is not dropped to a critical level, they have a crisis of another kind. At various American sites began to appear reports that buyers came home, are more often found in boxes instead of electronics bricks and stones!

First reported on adolescents, who instead received a Nintendo DS for a birthday a couple of stones, wrapped in Chinese newspapers. After some altercation, one of the stores Wall-Mart did behaved correctly and returned the money (138 dollars), and as compensation gave the card to $ 20. But other victims are much less fortunate - he got on much more than the amount which he has returned, no one is going. The guy I bought in Texas Best Buy Macbook Pro, instead of the box he found an ordinary brick, wrapped in packaging tape. Manager at the store said it only: " Boxes compiles and sealed Apple, and not we, like them and please", and left. Poor management of email sent Best Buy, but so far to no avail; Apple also has refrained from commenting. MDA is probably a shame to pay 2164 dollars for a brick ...

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