Monday, July 13, 2009

Adolf Hitler the Action Figure

The former Axis Nations have a complex and many layered relationship.... that apparently involves $50 action figures of each others former despotic leaders.

They'll make an action figure of anything... :)


  1. That's pretty interesting. Of course, kids have to have evil people to battle when they play, so G.I. Joe can be the one to take out Hitler, instead of letting him go out the cowardly way like he did in real life.

  2. bishop of bbq
    omg i´m laughing my ass off

  3. Most people buy things like this for 1:6 scale military dioramas. Look it up on Google.
    I'm not sure how many people incorporate Hitler into their dioramas, but it looks like half of the pictures above were stolen from the sites of people who are into diorama making, judging by the props included.
    Most people make dioramas of battles between regular (ie un-famous) soldiers. And thus are not "Nazis".